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Michelle Santee Tupps, President of Event Resource has been a successful planner since 1988.

She is a seasoned professional with a strong meeting, tradeshow, event, and festival background. In addition, she has extensive skills in all aspects of marketing including e-marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, video production, print and web advertising.

Michelle’s experience with technology companies allows her to work easily with the MIS and A/V teams. And her theater experience lends itself to scripting, staging and production.

Prior to founding Event Resource, Michelle managed client and sales conferences, tradeshows and product launches for Best Programs. She was also responsible for marketing one of their key product lines. Prior to her corporate experience, she worked for The Ohio State University and The Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce where she conducted market research and coordinated public festivals.

Michelle graduated Cum Laude from Ohio University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and an emphasis in Campaign Management. She was also chosen the O.U. Homecoming Queen her senior year as a result of running the most effective campaign for a local food bank.

Michelle is known for outstanding service, integrity and extensive industry knowledge.

Event Resource, Inc., Safety Harbor, Florida, 727.797.3868
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